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Kheti Kyukar Chhodu New Most Popular Haryanvi Songs Haryanavi 2019. Starring with Binder Danoda, Mahi Lakra Song by Amit Dhull Directed by Ameet Choudhary Music Label “Sonotek Music “.

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Song: Kheti Kyukar Chhodu
Singer: Amit Dhull
Starring: Binder Danoda, Mahi Lakra, Narinder Gulia
Co Artist : Neenu Sindhar, Meena, Divya, Ritu,
Writer: Binder Danoda
Music: GR Music
Mix & Mastering: D Chandu
Concept/Director/Screenplay : Ameet Choudhary
DOP: Parkash Kumar
Editor: Bhagirath Sharma
Makeup : Ram Jind
Lightman: Sanjay Sharma Berikhera
Special Thanks : Satish Dhull, Sachin Dhull, Himmat Dhull, Rohit Dhull, Vinay Dhaiya, Sudeep Dhull
Yaduvanshi School Igrah Jind

A Gaana Originals:-

Music Label & Copyrights: Sonotek Cassettes

1.Kheti Kyukar Chhodu
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2.Kheti Kyukar Chhodu-Taine Mhara Kharcha Na Se Kaabu Ka
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3.Kheti Kyukar Chhodu-Tera Hara Top Ke Rees Kare
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4.Kheti Kyukar Chhodu-Tera Brand Kede Te Aavega
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