अवध में राम आए है | Full Bhajan | Jaya Kishori

अवध में राम आए है | Full Bhajan | Jaya Kishori Iamjayakishori

अवध में राम आए है – Full Bhajan by Jaya Kishori

Jaya Kishori started her spiritual journey at the tender age of seven. Ever since her childhood awakening, she developed a staunch belief in fate and believed that nothing is ever planned – it’s all destined.
The primary focus of Jaya’s discourse is to bestow faith and positivity among people who have a dearth of confidence in themselves and in the world around them. Her aim is to help people choose the right path in their lives. Her mantra of success is in inspiring masses to lead an accomplished and more importantly, a peaceful life. The cornerstone of sermons lie in the ardour of making people understand the importance of “FAMILY”.

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