Hey Krishna Malai Mitho Bamsi Lyrical Video – Raju Adhikari Nepali Bhajan || Srd Bhakti Bhajan

Hey Krishna Malai Mitho Bamsi Lyrical Video – Raju Adhikari Nepali Bhajan || Srd Bhakti Bhajan SRD BHAKTi

Hey Krishna Malai Mitho Bamsi Lyrical Video – Raju Adhikari || Srd Bhakti Bhajan
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Hey Krishna Malai Mitho…
Singer – Raju Adhikari
Video Music – Srd Bhakti
Recording Studio – National Sound Digital Record

कृष्ण राधा युगल गीत
राधा –   हे कृष्ण मलाई मीठो वंशी सुनाई देउन
कृष्ण –   तिमीलाई मात्रै होइन त्रिलोक थर्काइ दिउला
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