Maine Dil Tujhko Diya (Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Sohail Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Sameera Reddy

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya (Eng Subs) Hindi Full Movie – Sohail Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Sameera Reddy Shemaroo Movies

Movie Starts At 03:57
Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai 24:07
Comedy Scene 36:00
Fight Scene 1:39:00
Climax 2:29:22

बॉलीवुड की सुपरहिट हिंदी मूवी :
Diljale (दिलजले ) –
Ajay (अजय) –
Mann (मन ) –
Bhagam Bhag (भागम भाग) –
Big Brother (बिग ब्रदर) –
Dil Kya Kare (दिल क्या करे) –
Barsaat (बरसात ) –
Banjaran (बंजारन ) –
Tango Charlie (टैंगो चार्ली ) –
Dhamaal (धमाल ) –

A prominent and very wealthy businessman named Mr. Varma lives a middle class life with his two daughters. The eldest one named Ayesha Verma is expected to marry Varma’s friend and right-hand named Mr. Chopra’s son, Raman. Soon after Ayesha started to go to college and is attracted to Ajay. The two lovers spend beautiful moments together in college and elsewhere. One day Raman spots Ayesha and Ajay together at a rose day party and is jealous and so he complaints to Mr. Varma thereafter Mr. Varma decides to test Ajay and see if he is ready to become his future son-in-law. But Ajay proves to be hot headed and so he and Mr. Varma became sworn enemies and he asks Ajay to move away from his daughter’s life. Ajay does not obey and continues to reach Ayesha, Varma contacts a notorious underworld Don, named Bhai-Jaan and Ajay is told that after 30 days of Ramadan, he is suppose to meet a violent death. Will the saying come true?

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bhajan lyrics Sir, the priest is here to meet you. Good morning, Priest. – Morning. You were expected to solemnise the wedding and arrive at 10 I came away even before I could reach the venue… because I was called for an arranged marriage, not a love-marriage. As you know, I worship love. I solemnise only love-marriages.

Everything about you is colourful. It has no parallel. Thank you. – Come sit. You’re amazing. You’re a college principal from Monday to Saturday. And a priest on Sundays! – One profession keeps the family going. The other helps me maintain tradition. What made you call me?

As you know, after my wife died, I sent both my daughters… to a boarding school for education. I have called the two of them back now. And I want Ayesha, the elder one, to get an admission in your college. Wonderful! Send Ayesha to my college tomorrow. Mr Varma!

Just don’t worry about Ayesha. I’m here anyway. Welcome, Mr Chopra. – How are you, Mr Varma? Good. This is my son Raman. This is Mr Varma. Greetings, sir. – Greetings. Touch his feet. – Give me blessed. He has just completed a course in business management abroad. Brillient, well done. – Thank you Uncle.

Very well done. Panditji, this is Mr Chopra. My business partner. Greetings.. Nice meeting you. – Greetings.. Please sit down. Where are the children, Mr Varma? Good day father. Mini! Why’re you alone? Go and tell Ayesha that the principal is here. So sister’s joining college? How lucky.

Sister, come on out quick… there’s good news for you! That’s Mini, the younger daughter? – Right. Ayesha. Hey father. Mini! My child! – This is not fair, Papa I want to join college, too, because there are only girls in my school. That’s because you’re still very young. – When will my turn come?

It will, dear… when you grow up. Papa, did you call me? – Come, Ayesha. Meet Raman. – Hello. Mr Chopra’s son. – Hi. Hello dear. This is the principal. – Hello, sir. You will attend his college from tomorrow. Please father. Ayesha, my child… just don’t worry about anything. No

I’m telling you, you’re going to find it great fun. You will really enjoy yourself, I promise you. The City College is the best college in town. Let me show you around the college, dear. This is the campus of our college… the temple of learning.

Even after lectures, students keep studying with each other. Look… That’s the spirit of the college boys. This is the Creative Arts section of our college. You’ll find the best of creative artists here. Take a look. Isn’t it beautiful. This is simply superb. Fantastic, Isn’t it? Shameless boy! What vulgar portrait is that?

You’re mistaken, sir. – Am I? I still have to put the clothes on her, sir. Still to put the clothes on…? Do call me, when you’ve done it. Ok sir. Creativity takes time. Let him take his own time, come. And this is the eatery in our college. Eatery? – The canteen.

Right now, all the students must be busy attending lectures… They are all very studious. It must be absolutely vacant. But I still want you to take a look… God please help me. Frauds! – Pardon me? 840 students… that’s the number. Half are here…

The other half must be in class. – May I say something, uncle? Go on. – You’re very sweet. How come? – You do feign ignorance. One has to feign ignorance, my dear. This is the age to have fun, after all. You know, to have fun to love…

If you don’t have fun at your age, will you do it at my age? Hi Mini. – Hi sister. Hurry up and tell me how was your first day at college? Fantastic. And how is the college? – How will I describe it to you. The college has a canteen, a beautiful campus…

A garden, a sports complex… – Are there no boys in your college? Of course there are. Why? – So tell me about them. Idiot! You did a great thing that deciding to join this college, Ayesha. Yes uncle. – Your father will be very happy. Should you need something and I’m not around,…

You can contact the Aryans right away. – May I ask something, Uncle? Go ahead. – Who is Aryans? Aryans? Vicky. The Romeo of the college. Sada… the evergreen carefree hero. Ijaz, whose hobby is poetry. Chhotu, everybody’s darling. And Ajay… the fighter. The backbone of the Aryans.

When the five of them are on their own, they’re like any other student. But when the five of them get together, they spell power. “Unity is Strength”…their motto, and the motto of our college. Come. Very interesting boys. Best thing in boys is… Here you are. The Aryans… this is Ayesha, a new student.

Hi. Hi. The last lecture is over. So what are you boys doing here? We’re preparing for the annual day function, sir. Mrs Pinto asked us to take care of the junior students. Oh yes, you must take care of them. Thank you sir, – Ok. My child…

You too are a student of this college. You must also take part in the function. You will enjoy, thing about it, all the best. Bobby. Bobby. “Love…” “makes the whole world.” He’s gone mad. Dirty brats. Ajay, that’s the new girl. She’s a newcomer, isn’t she? – Hey old model! Now get lost.

Watch it… or you’ll land in hospital instead of singing. What are you just showing us your face for? Will you sing something or just keep trembling? All that rubbish you’ve been talking! C’mon! Stand here. Sing… sing! Sing! You love talking nonsense, don’t you? So say something… go on! Talk! Or laugh… laugh!

Or do you want to cry? To sit down there and poke fun at someone is very easy. Get that? If you can’t encourage someone, at least don’t ridicule him. Out. Get on with your rehearsal. No one will bother you now.

He’s the security around here, right? Which is why I couldn’t do a thing! Forget it. Let’s find them in a tight spot, we won’t spare them. Come. Hi Ajay. Hi Bobby, how are you? I’m happy and gay. Gay, I can understand… but why’re happy, Bobby?

Because Ajay taught those scoundrels a lesson during the rehearsals. Bobby, you’re talking to boys again? – I’m sorry, Tina. Hi. Tina. – Shut up, come. Parrot! – Strange girl. Not strange girl, she’s a nice girl. – You mean I’m a bad guy? You’re not a bad guy, Vicky. But she’s a nice girl.

Will you now…? – You’re the one who jilted her, Vicky. With Tina in your arms, your hands around Meena and Heena hovering above. You’ve made a circus out of your love, I say. Ajay, where are you going? – To the gym. Wait. – What for? Why must I wait?

To listen to all that nonsense? You guys keep talking about girls all day. Aren’t you ever bored? This chap’s forever singing about them… and you guys listen to him I’m going to the gym. I’m getting late. Excuse me. Hi. – Hi. How did your rehearsals go? – It was great. Thank you.

No, please don’t mention that. They didn’t bother you again, did they? – No. Thank you. You’re a newcomer. Should you ever need something or have a problem… you can tell Aryans. Thank you. I’m sorry for the way I behaved in everybody’s presence… but that’s how the Warriors are. They tease and harass girls…

Yes, it’s bad to talk about girls. It’s wrong, even when we talk about girls. But when he talks to the girls… – It’s all right. Absolutely. He’s been saying the same thing again and again… and nobody’s bored. He says we’re forever talking about girls… and what does he say? Thank you. All right!

Aren’t you late for the gym now? – I’m going I’m going. Thank you. Scum. Hi. Aryans. Your problem is my problem. I’ll set everything right. Thank you. – Come. Darling, this are my friends “Aryans”. And guys this is… I haven’t asked your name. – Sweetie!

I knew love is blind. That it is also deaf, I discover today. Ajay. Ajay, according to the chart, Sweetie’s act comes at No 3. She’s very nervous about that I told her that I’d have her entry changed to the last. Simple, isn’t it? No. The lights have already been rehearsed, Vicky.

The sound has been checked… and all props have also arrived according to the flow chart. Any change at this stage would only create a confusion. Tweetie… – Sweetie! Whatever it is… I’m sorry, but it’s not happening. Let’s go, there’s a lot to do. Ajay’s made tooty-fruity of your prestige before the sweetie.

Shut up. Excuse me. Hi. – Hi. Are you prepared for your act in tomorrow’s programme? That’s what I want to talk to you about. What is the matter? – In the flow-chart tomorrow… my entry comes second. Could you move it to the last, please? No problem.

The lights have had a rehearsal. – Yes. The sound has been checked too. No problem. According to the flow-chart, everything is arranged. No problem. Any change at this stage will only create a confusion. That’s my problem. Your job will be taken care of. Thank you. Its ok. Thanks. No, its really ok. Thanks.

God! They both started again. Where’s Vicky gone? – Must’ve gone fielding for Tweetie. Idiot. Why did you stop drinking? – It’s time for prayers. Tell me something. You stopped drinking hearing the call of the faithful. Do you think He looks at His children only at prayer time?

His eyes are always on His children. If you have so much of faith in Him, why don’t you give up drinking? Let it be now. – You let it be. Raman, you and Mr Chopra must keep yourselves free tomorrow. Ayesha’s participating in a function for the first time tomorrow.

That’s wonderful. – That’s my Ayesha. Yup. – Come. Look at Ajay! He’s so delighted. Ajay, is she frightened of the crowd? – I don’t know. “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.”

“A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “I’ve already given away my heart…” “I’ve already given away my heart…” “I only need your consent.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.”

“A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “What stage is this in my life…?” “you are the only one my eyes now behold.” “My heart-beat recognises only you…” “you wouldn’t know what I now desire.” “I’ve got to know you…” “I’ve got to understand you…”

“but I still need your consent.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “What is it with me today? My heart is not under my control.” “I feel like breaking all mores.” “For a lifetime, become my companion…”

“I’ll belong only to you. Give your hand in mine.” “Even if you have my hand in yours…” “even if you are my companion, I still need your compliance.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” “A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.”

“A bit of my love has been requited…” “a bit still remains.” How do I look in this jacket? – Wonderful. This looks good. – Its got the Aryans on it. It’s really nice jacket. Hello. How do I look? – Who gave you that jacket? Vicky. – I…? The jacket was just lying.

You wanted to wear it, I said go on. – I’ll deal with you later. You know what Aryans means? – You and your friends…? Aryans were India’s first warrior tribes, who had the zeal… the courage and the power to fight the enemy. Have you any of these qualities?

Ajay, why are you brainwashing her? – So, do you possess any qualities? Yes, I do. – I see. How can I hit you? Ajay, how can I hit you? – Why not? Hit me, prove yourself. Ajay, I can’t please. You fancy wearing that jacket? You can’t stand straight on stage.

And you want to wear this jacket. Come on hit me prove yourself. Ajay I can’t hit you please, I can’t hit you please, Why not? Because you’re a girl? – Not that… Are you scared? You’re just a coward. You got no right to wear that

I don’t want to hit you. Please. – Take that jacket off. Remove this jacket. And prove yourself hit me, come on hit me. Hit me or take off your… Ajay. Ajay. Ajay. What happened? – What should never have happened. What should never have happened? He told me to hit him.

He wanted you to hit him in the guts. You slapped him on the face. In public. Ohhh. – Not ohhh, its ohhh no. Ajay. I’m really sorry, Ajay. Jacket. Why are you smiling? – You lay one heavy hand. Please, ajay. I just realised that you meant me to pick up my guts.

And in front of everyone… – You slapped me. At least you understand. Friends. Come on, we’re getting late for the picnic. Come on, we have to change in hostel. Take care. Get a hold on the slapping arm. Listen, why not ask Ayesha to come along? Ayesha. Come on, let’s go picnicking

I would to. Picnic? – Look at Ajay. He is angry. Shall we…? Yes. Hey brother “Aryans”. Nice opportunity? To get even for the other day. Come on. Hey Aryans. You want to battle us for the game of rugby. Anytime. No brother, next time.

You know Ajay, we’re in the mood. – Let’s bring them to their senses. Sit down and come to your senses. Hey Aryans, have you guys taken to cross-dressing? Enough. Its too much, lets go. Come on pussy cats, come on. Why don’t you go and play a game? – You’ll know in a while.

What are you? Friend or foe? – Was bound to happen. They’re the rugby “Warriors”. – But the Aryans are friends I can’t bear to see them down. Either you will go or I will. You…? – Yes. Go. Okay. This one? Hi guys, I have come to join the game.

Where is Ajay? – I’m joining the play. Ladies first. Are you alright. Oh shit man. What is this Ajay, this is cheating. this is not done. Stop crying and state your problem. – Five of us were playing five of you. Now you’re six. We ought to be six. – Okay.

Get the game and go. Binny. Who’s that? – Whoever… but we’re Aryans, no less. We’ll fix them all. We’ll fight everyone. Binny. Binny. My name’s Binny. Help. Ajay… Vicky… don’t desert a friend. Binny is a hulk! – Want to save face? Yes. – Then play. Hey warriors.

You start the game. We’re going to finish it. Come on. – Come on Ajay. Come on. – Come on Ajay. Come on. We won. “Friendship, love, life…” “a moment is like an age.” “Live for love and know your heart true to be true.” “Enjoy life! Every moment is golden.” “This friend of ours…”

“is a restless man.” “His heart has betrayed him…” “and he’s a changed man.” “He belongs to someone. Forget him.” “Tonight, I’ve lost my heart.” “My eyes speak for my lips.” “How did this happen?” “Why is everything so changed?” “Friendship, love, life…” “a moment is like an age.” Come on. 3.

“How can I silence myself?” “How do I speak myself?” “I haven’t a hold on myself anymore, and I don’t know why.” “Just let it happen…” “lose your heart to love.” “Say… say something…” “open up the secret inside your heart.” “Your heart’s going crazy, just admit it.” “What’s happening inside my heart…”

“I could never speak, but now I got to say it…” “and I got to say it to you.” “And I never knew? And all the while you pined?” “It was a magic casting a spell on me and I never knew.” “Just a few words, now it’s spoken.”

“Just a few words, now it’s done.” “Live for love and know your heart true to be true.” “So just join in with us and say it…” “Sha-la-la-la-la.” “Friendship, love, life…” “a moment is like an age.” “Live for love and know your heart true to be true.” “Enjoy life! Every moment is golden.”

Time for the lecture. What’s Chhotu upto in the toilet? Looks like Chhotu is in for the long haul. Who are these guys? Never saw them in college before. Ajay. Oh God. Chhotu is wounded! Please come over. Get water. Come on out. Come out. Hit him. Take this. Thrashing. Take this.

Warriors, you ought to help the Aryans. – Get lost. Why should we help them? Who’s taking care of college security? – Today they’re through. Even Ajay isn’t around. Hit him. Make sure he doesn’t recognise himself in the mirror. Wants to play hero. Hit him. Ajay, they bashed up Chhotu badly.

Want to play hero? Move everyone, What is going on. Come. Take this, Come here. Hit him. No Ajay. He and his gang ambushed me. Now he’s alone, weak, defenceless. If I hit him now… how am I different? Leave him Ajay. Heard that? Friend, what you said just now makes great sense.

That makes me proud of Aryans. Come. Take him to a hospital. Ajay. I’d like to speak to you. Who do you think you are? You’re always getting into fights. Aren’t you afraid? No. You want to know why? My parents died in an air-crash when I was a 14-year old.

Ever since, I’ve been so lonely. But life went on, and eventually I came to this college. Here I found friends. I could be with them, enjoy their company. On this journey through life, you’ll also need a fellow traveller I’d like to be part of your life. Ajay, I’m in love with you.

Falling in love, professing love is so easy. But living with it is tough. – I don’t understand. Ayesha, my world and yours are so different I’ve nothing to lose. But in the world you come from you stand to lose a lot. Ajay.

You’re right. Maybe I stand to lose a lot, but you mean everything to me. And I don’t want to lose you I got nothing… nothing but you. “I got nothing, nothing at all…” “but you.” “I got nothing, nothing at all…” “but you.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.”

“In your arms, let me find a reason to live.” “Only you… you are the only one I have…” “and no one but you.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.” “I got nothing, nothing at all.” “No one but you.”

“Only one prayer on my lips…” “to be in love with you all my life.” “Ever since I found you…” “my dreams came true.” “I got no wishes unfulfilled.” “I have no one but you.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.”

“I got nothing, nothing at all…” “but you.” “Will you love me all your life?” “I’ll love you even in death.” “You have such faith in love?” “Even more faith than I have in God.” “You are the one I pray for.” “I have no one but you.” “I got nothing, nothing at all…”

“but you.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.” “In your arms, let me find a reason to live.” “I got nothing, nothing at all…” “but you.” Nice watch. Ayesha gave me the watch with a lot of love I couldn’t refuse it. I’ll have to buy something for her now

I get it. You’re broke. – Right. Hi. Ajay. – Hi. Bobby. What’s up? You know Daler Mehndi, the singer? I had booked him for a programme. But he cancelled it at the last moment. – So? So I want the Aryans to sing and dance at my sister’s wedding…

And have a lot of fun. – You think we’re dancing girls… to perform at your sister’s wedding? – I’ll pay you handsomely for it. Pay us? We have our self-respect, okay? Get lost. Please Ajay. Didn’t you hear the guys? Get lost. You guys are real idiots. – What do you mean?

You guys were just wondering where the money would come from… and when the money comes to you, you kick it. You mean we must turn jesters for the money? I don’t mean that. But you’ve got to do it all when you’re in love! You’ve got to do it!

What have we got ourselves into? We were a great rock band… and here we are! A pack of jokers! Let’s skip this talk, eat, collect the dough and get the hell out of here. In any case, no one here knows or recognises us. We’ve had it! What can be worse than this?

Look there. She didn’t see us, did she? No. She’s not coming here, is she? – No. What a narrow escape! – No. Hi. Guys. What are you doing here? – That which they do… for love. For love? Whose love? Ajay. What’s all this? Well, we…

Ayesha, what are you doing here? Your daddy’s calling you there. All right, let’s go. We’ve had it. Enough! I can’t do it anymore. – Yes, we’ve been at it for 4 hours. Why’ve you guys stopped? Go on! Play the music. You sit here and play the pipe. – Wait… where are you going?

Ayesha, when will I get to see this lucky day like Mr Khanna? Papa, you’re too much. – Mr Varma… Ayesha’s a very shy girl. You’ll have to find her a suitor. Like Ayesha here. – What’s up, Ayesha? My friends from college are here. – Your friends from college?

So what are you doing here? Join them, have fun. Thank you. Mr Varma, you have a lovable daughter. Thank you, Chopra. Mr Chopra, Mr Khanna wants to see you. – Go ahead. I’m coming. Carry on Chopra, I’ll see you at the bar. -Thank you, see you. Hi. Ajay. – Hi..

Where are your friends? – Three of them are eating there. Ohhh Hi.. -Carry on. And where’s Sada? – There… on the liquid diet. And whom have you been waiting for, all alone? If you mind, I’ll call them over. Ajay, that’s not what I meant. May I ask you something?

What does it mean when you say you have to do everything for love…? Actually, Ayesha, I wanted to buy a gift for you too. Here was the opportunity for me to make some money. But now… That you feel like this means everything to me, Ajay. Thanks. Tell me something. How come you’re here?

Mr Khanna is Papa’s old friend. I’m here with Papa. With Papa? Where is he? – Over there. That pole? – You’re impossible, Ajay. Where have you been? I’m making a drink for myself! Don’t you like your job? Make a drink for me! Quick! Sorry You don’t need to apologise.

One whiskey on the rocks. – What? No water… just ice. Cool I’ve been waiting here. And you take off to serve others? What insolence is this? Who are you? Let go! For God sake. – You spilt whiskey. Stand still… don’t you move. Manager. Have you met Diya? – No. Go and meet her

I’ll see you in a minute. What happened? – Looks like he’s in trouble again. Come here… talk to your waiter. I’m asking for a drink and… One moment! You took me for a waiter all this while? Are you the manager then? – Listen…

This is Mr Varma, one of the richest men in the city. Ass. What arrangement do you have here? For a function like this… you ought to have someone responsible. – What happened? He’s a rich man, and I made the mistake of calling him a waiter. Man…

He has made a mistake, sir. Please forgive him. There’s a limit to shamelessness. Is this any way of apologising? He’s angry. Ask for forgiveness. Sir sorry. Insolent boys! There’s a limit to how much one can tolerate! Your mistake ought to be punished, not pardoned.

Your insolence proves that you don’t come a decent family like ours. Or you may not have a family at all. Only a wayside orphan could do something like this. Or maybe you’re the offspring of a third-rate upbringing. Now get out from here, get out. – Hey.

You will raise your hand at me? You will hit me? You will hit me? – No, sir. My left, I raised only to stop you. But if I were to raise my right hand, no one will be able to stop me. That’s enough. Out! Verma Sir.

Ayesha, do you know these boys? – They’re my friends from college. Let’s go home and talk about it. Come on. Ajay. Ajay. Ajay. Ajay. Everyone’s watching. Ajay, everyone’s laughing. Don’t ridicule me in public. What do you want to talk about? – Whatever happened yesterday…

Was no good. But it was Sada’s fault. – If he made a mistake… he did it innocently. But your father’s friend… the mistake that he made ought to have been punished. This temper is your weakness. You’ll get violent over anything. Anything…? He called me an orphan, he called me an illegitimate child.

And you call it anything? You tell me, was I wrong? First of all… Sada made a mistake and he made a mistake too. Papa doesn’t know anything about you I only wanted you and Papa to meet. But after your temper… after your behaviour, I wonder what impression Papa got of you.

And thirdly, what I want to know from you has nothing to do with yesterday I thought being in love means.. ..making amends over a smile. But today, in front of everyone you have brought my love to ridicule. You only thought about yourself? So you tell me, what’s right and what’s wrong?

Wow what a party. – Amazing. Hi. Handsome. – Get lost, don’t spoil the mood. Ohhh wow. – Ohhh. Ajay isn’t to be seen? Valentine’s day is for lovers not for fighters. They had a fight, you forget? They had a fight? – I’m sorry.

Ajay? The guy who’s always getting into fights and picking quarrels? And this poor lady tried to teach him love. Ajay shouldn’t have been so stubborn, at least on a day like this. Valentine’s dance but no valentine. We are here to dance with you. “I never knew…” “what love is.”

“For the sake of your love…” “I’m going to change.” “I did nothing else.” “I did nothing else.” “Whatever else God has in store for me…” “I did nothing else.” “Whatever else God has in store for me…” “I only want your love.” “I’ve given you my heart.” “Yes, I made a mistake…”

“what do I do now?” “For whatever you have done, you will be punished.” “I never thought, I never expected, I never wanted it, but it happened.” “Think, try to understand, what you did wasn’t nice.” “I only gave you my heart.” “What else have I done?” “I only gave you my heart.”

“In step with you, the whole world sways.” “When you stop, everything stops.” “When you look away from me, my heart skips a beat.” “You know what you’re like?” “Just lovable.” “It’s hard on me to admit this…” “but you’re mine.” “To you…” “I give my heart.” “And I did nothing else.”

“Whatever else God has in store for me…” “I only want your love.” “To you…” “I give my heart.” “And I did nothing else.” “To you…” “I give my heart.” Chopra sir, hey Chopra sir is here. Welcome in. Welcome Mr Chopra, have a seat. Been a long time Mr Chopra.

What brings you here? Anything special? – Family matter. You know Varma? He is my business partner. I want him to marry his daughter. There’s a hassle. A boy. – Who? Lives where? Ayesha’s classmate. Name’s Ajay. He’s on the college security detail I think he’s a goon. But not as big as you guys.

Some “Aryan” groupie. – What did you say? Aryan Group. – Aryans… Same guy who hit me! Bashed me up badly. Was he the one? – Yes. Mr Chopra, now your enemy is my enemy. Junior… Yes boss? If he’s in love, I’m not taking a contract on him.

He’s no romantic. He’s a goon. He bashed up Munna. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. – Okay. What’s this about lovers? You take your money, you do your job. Mr Chopra, don’t worry. I’ll kill him. Junior, some day, you’re going places. Thanks.

When you get the guy, I’ll be the first to strike. Sure. – I land the first punch. You only hit him. Bastard! Bashed me up badly. Ajay, are your friends cross about your decision? Why should they be cross? I only opted out of the security detail

I haven’t stopped being friends. I have a duty towards you too. Ajay. Ajay! You’re sitting here? Some goons are picking up a fight. Ajay, I forbid you to pick up fights, I never asked you to stop being friends. Hey leave him. Today, you live. Because it’s time for my prayers.

But luck won’t be on your side time and again. Tell him I heard you guys went to the college! I’m sure my job has been done. The sight of him must’ve blown him! Did you bash him up good? Look Chopra, now this concerns me. I’ll square with him

I’m the one who’s going to kill him. Get that? If he kills him, I’m finished. If I’m connected to the murder… Verma will never let his daughter marry my son. He listens to you. Stop him! – Stopping him is impossible. That guy drew blood. Now he’s finished.

Then what happens to me? – Tomorrow Ramzan begins. For 30 days, he will only pray and we don’t work. But after Idd is celebrated, that guy is dead 30 days? He’ll keep seeing Ayesha for a month? No, I’ll talk to him. Hey..

What are you going to tell him? – One minute, I’ll sort it out. That’s all come on Rohan. – Talk him some sence. Talk some sense into him! Or he’s dead. Hi . Sorry Sorry. Sister, is that Ajay? – Yes. How cute. You must introduce me. Ok, come on.

She is…? – My little sister. Mini. Hi. Mini. -Hi.. Ask him. Why don’t you ask him? – What’s up…? You got no little brother? I got no one in this whole wide world. – Why not? You have Ayesha. – Silly, you’re getting late for school. Bye. So lovable. Bye.

Hurry up, don’t pick my brains. What brings you here? Ajay, I’m sorry. Sit. Didn’t you say we can make amends over a smile? What’s the matter, boss? What’s the matter, boss? – What’s up? Ajay I love you. – I love you too. Bastard! Let’s kill him. He’s mine. Two weeks.

For two weeks, live it up. Ayesha, he’s gone. Nothing’s going to happen. Now let go of my hand. Nothing’s going to happen to me. Now go home. Ajay, wouldn’t it have been nice had you and Papa met now? Tell me something. I’ll meet your Papa and apologise to him…

And also tell him that I love you and that I want to marry you. But can’t you tell him all that? – Why not? Of course, I can. Really? How will you? – I’ll tell Papa that… I know. The mention of the word daddy has rendered you speechless.

What would happen if you came across him? Sir. I wanted to come to you on my own. – Listen Mr Whoever-you-are… I’ve once ignored your insolence. Don’t have any such hope this time. Get lost. Anger only spoils a relationship, sir. It doesn’t make any. A relationship? – Mine and Ayesha’s, sir.

Watch it! You have crossed all limits in the name of my daughter. You don’t know me. I can make you disappear from this city in one night I’ll kill you. Junior here. – Trouble between Varma and Ajay. One moment. What the hell. Go on. – Varma has threatened to kill Ajay.

Here’s our chance. Just close this matter about Ajay. We’ll do the dirty work and Varma will be blamed for it. Listen to this one last time. Stop dreaming about my daughter. It isn’t only my dream. It’s what both of us dream I know boys like you very well.

You have trapped my innocent girl! – Trapped her? Absolutely! – No, sir. But this is what I feared. And I told your daughter as much, on the very first day. Ayesha, tell your Papa that you’re in love with me too

I hope you’re in your senses, Ayesha. – Daddy, I’m in love with Ajay too. Disrespectful girl! – Mr Varma… what are you doing? Relax. Ayesha is innocent. This is the snake who bears the venom. Uncle, I’ll fix him. Well? Speak… why don’t you speak? Speak. Ohhh God. Get up. Are you okay?

Security, get him! He mustn’t escape! Beat him up! Let Ajay go! Ask them to spare him, Papa! Please! – Don’t encourage the animal, Mr Varma. Let’s go. C’mon, son. – They’re beating him up. Let me go! Hey. Clobber him! Thrash him. Hit him hard. Thrash him. Thrash him. Thrash him. Thrash him.

Thrash him. Don’t let him get up. – Beat him in centre. Hit him. Love playing Romeo, don’t you? Stop thinking about Varma’s daughter! Chopra, I’m terribly hurt over whatever happened today. If you don’t mind, may I say how I feel Mr Varma?

Go on, Chopra. You’re not just a business partner, you’re a friend too. You call me a friend, Mr Varma. Why don’t we become relatives? Give me some time to think. Stop here. Get him out. Hit him. Hit him more. Do you now see the power of Mr Varma? Forget his daughter…

Don’t even look back at this city now. Or else, not just this city… we’ll send you packing from this world! C’mon. He gave me a thrashing… Hit him. Enough, Munna. Come on. Let’s go. I’ll kill you, bastard! I’ll have your blood. Sit. – Let’s go. There’s Ajay! Ajay. Ajay. – Ajay.

Ajay. – Get up, Ajay. We’re here, Ajay! – Get up. Your friends are here. – Open your eyes, Ajay. Open your eyes, Ajay. – What happened to you? Ajay. Ajay wake up. Be careful Ajay, – Be careful. Just tell us what you want to do

I can make you disappear from this city in a single night. Just stop thinking about Varma’s daughter. Ayesha. Ayesha. How dare you come here? Have you forgotten yesterday’s lesson? Get out. Ayesha. Ajay. Mr Varma, he understands only kicks. He won’t listen like this. This chap, I’ll… Chopra

I had warned you. Should I raise my right hand, no one will be… Ajay. Security. Ajay, who did this to you? – Must’ve been someone of our own. Father. I don’t know anything about it, nor do I want to. Go inside! Haven’t you heard me? Go inside. Go Ayesha. Listen to him.

Because he has just a day to enforce his right. In 24 hours, you’re going to be my wife. After that, he’ll be able to do nothing… nothing. You don’t know me, boy. Nor do have any idea of my power I’ll finish you. – Enough. You did what you had to.

And you may very well do what you wish to do. All I came to tell you is that torture I went through in these 24 hours… is what I’m going to subject you too. It’s my challenge. Within 24 hours, I’m going to marry your daughter. Do what you will. Let’s see.

What’s 24 hours? I won’t let that happen in 24 lifetimes! Sir, should you succeed in stopping me… I’ll think I wasn’t destined to have Ayesha’s love. And you can assert your right as a father on Ayesha. But let me also tell you…

That I’m going to write my own destiny in these 24 hours. Chopra, I know what you’re angling for. But before 12 noon tomorrow, I’m going to ruin all your dreams. Ayesha, I’ll come back. That’s the promise my love makes. For you, sir… it’s a challenge I’ll fix this boy so… – No, Chopra.

Pitch a stone in slush and the muck’s going to stick to you. What is a family matter should remain a family matter. Before this boy causes anymore trouble for us… I want my daughter to become your daughter-in-law. What? Mr Verma, that’s fantastic. Mr Verma, this marriage….

Junior speaking. – Stop speaking and start doing. Chopra? What happened? – That boy’s back. Which boy? – The one you beat up… and dumped outside the city. – The bastard! Don’t worry, Chopra. I’ll send my boys and have him picked up. You’re always drinking. – Not your money, is it? You won’t change.

There they are… pull up the car this side! Ohhh no. Bhai-jaan’s men! Run! Ajay! Run! They’re Bhai-jaan’s thugs! Ajay! Run! Ajay! Run! No, I’m not going to be scared and run away. My feet will advance only towards my goal and my love. Munna, police. Who’s handcart is this? – Mine, sir.

Clear out! – Yes, sir. Shit. Want to know the truth, Ajay? We escaped today because of the police. Or we’d have gotten thrashed for the sake of your love I understand how you feel, Vicky. And I also know that this is my fight.

You guys have helped me in this fight. Even if we have to run in future… we aren’t running backwards. We’ll only run forward. No point in running ahead, Ajay. Look. Ajay, use your brains! So many of them, armed to the teeth. And we’re only five of us… unarmed.

Not five. There are just four of us. Sada? O Haji Ali, I know no one has returned empty-handed from here. Please help us. I swear, I’ll never touch liquor again. O Saint Ali… help! God is with those who are in love. What strength do you posses, enemy? You are a weakling. Hey lord.

Tell Mr Varma and Bhai-jaan… that I’m not going to die in the next 20 hours. You mean, an arranged marriage? Arranged marriage! Ajay, it’s all arranged. I have even spoken to the priest. He has called you to the temple at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Hello Ajay. Ajay. This is the principal’s voice.

Yes, sir? – Ajay, talk to Ayesha. Ajay. – Ayesha. What is the matter, Ayesha? Do you know what happened after you left, Ajay? Ayesha, do everything they want you to do. Do you understand? – All I understand… is that I love you very much. – I love you very much too.

Ajay, what happened? Looks like Mr Varma’s in a tearing hurry to become a father-in-law. Excuse me. I’ve got to prepare for my wedding. This is the latest fashion. – Show us the top-of-the-line stuff. You see. Tomorrow’s our wedding, you see. – Not our wedding. My wedding. Washroom? Excuse me.

Ajay, when I wore the bridal fineries… I wanted you to be the first one to take a look at me. You look very beautiful. Just like a bride. Ajay. Ajay. Not just a bride, Ajay… I want to be your bride. That I will become only when you apply vermillion on my forehead.

That’s why I’m here to take you away. Come on. What happened? – Something is fishy. Why’s the shop suddenly abandoned? Ajay. They’re beating him… let me go, Papa. Leave him alone! Papa, they’re beating him up! Stop them! Let me go! Papa, they’re beating him up! Stop them! Let me go!

Well? Two slaps and you are exorcised of your love? Inspector, beat this lover just as much as the beating you can take. Ajay. Ajay. Ajay. Ayesha, come… – Let me go! Ajay. Come on. – Ajay. Let me go, Papa! Leave me alone! Come on, I say! What’s that on your forehead?

Now look, Ayesha. Erase his memories from your heart forever. Weren’t you giving me dirty looks out there? Lost it all, behind the bars? You’ve messed with the wrong guys, son. Don’t take any tension. I know how a lover feels I’ll detain you here only for a day, till Varma’s daughter is married.

Inspector, she will indeed be married. But only to me. You threaten me, eh? Big lover, are you? I’ll straighten you out. What did you say? What? Are you deaf? I’m talking to you! “Come to me, my love…” “Come to me, my love…” “my eyes await your arrival.” “My friends wait for you too…”

“every eye looks for you.” “Come to me, my love.” “Come to me, my love.” “Stars will be your bridal vermillion…” “my sister, you will be the bride.” “I know…” “he will come…” “and take you away in a palanquin.” “Come to me, my love.” “Come to me, my love.”

“May the colour of the henna not pale.” “May you not be too late.” “May the love I have faith in…” “not be rendered to dust.” “So come now, O love.” “Come to me, my love.” “Come to me, my love” “my eyes await your arrival.” “My friends wait for you too…”

“every eye looks for you.” “Come to me, my love.” “Come to me, my love.” “Come now, my love.” “Come now, my love.” “Come now, my love.” “Come now, my love” I told you, to beat this lover just as much as the beating you can take. “Come now, my love.” “Come now, my love.”

“Come now, my love.” “Come now, my love.” Ayesha. What misbehaviour is this, Ayesha? You ought to have thought of my honour! Those guests are here in our house to share our happiness! Papa, they’re here in your house, to share your happiness. Now listen, Ayesha… Had my happiness been your happiness, Papa…

Ajay would not have been behind bars. – My child… whatever I’m doing is for your welfare. Father, please leave me alone. He was the one who said that if he didn’t turn up in 24 hours… What’s 24 hours, Mr Varma? He isn’t coming for 24 lifetimes. He was messing with us… the kid!

Excuse me. Hello I arrested that kid without any offence, at your behest. But that kid has turned out to be everybody’s old man. He has run away from prison I don’t want to get into trouble. They’re both legally eligible. It’s your look-out now. And one thing…

That lover-boy will do what he says he will do. What is the matter, Chopra? – Mr Varma… Ajay has run away from jail. Who, Uncle Chopra? That “kid”…? You still have 15 hours to go. Try and stop that “kid”. Ayesha, I will stake all the power and wealth I possess…

But I will take defeat from that boy. You’re right, Papa. You have the power and the money. You have a lot to stake. But what are you going to lose? Power? Money? But Ajay has nothing except me I mean everything to him. And he will not accept defeat.

Whatever happens, Ayesha. I will not let him win. He’s coming, Papa. And no one can stop him. No one. Bless you on the Moon of the Idd, Bhai-jaan. Just tell me where I’ll find that boy. Chhota speaking. That boy has escaped from prison. I can’t take anymore chances.

Whatever you do, just kill him. Just do my bidding and the power you aspire for, will be yours. Guys like Bhai-jaan will work for you. Once my son is married to Varma’s daughter… my son will become the owner of the Varma empire I’ll give you a lot of money.

But if that boy manages to reach the venue of the wedding tomorrow… It’s like this, Chopra. You won’t need me or the cops to kill that boy. Maybe you don’t know, but the Moon of Id has been sighted. Bhai-jaan won’t let that boy see the sunrise tomorrow.

Go and have your son married in style. All right, Junior. Just do my bidding and the power you’re servile to will be yours. Men like the Boss will work for me. Ajay… – Ajay… over here! Quick. Are you okay? – What okay? Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Look.

Ajay, from this side. Hey what are you doing. I told you to live it up. Now you’re dead I’m in love. I’ll die only once I’m in love. I’ll die only once. If I go there, things will go awry? – Yes, they are nice folks. They’ll get scared. – What did you say?

Forget it boss. You mean to say I’m a goon? Then you’ve been brought up among goons I’m your big brother. Get it? – Boss, he’s madly in love. He’s a romantic. Forget him. – He’s a baby. No, you aren’t going there, you aren’t telling anything. Else… Else what? – I’ll kill myself.

Are you threatening me? – I’ll kill myself. You will? – Yes. Want to jump? – Yes. Go on, jump. – I’ll kill myself. Go on, jump. – I’ll kill myself. He’s a kid! – Threatening me? I’m in love. I’ll die only once.

But when you know about my love, you’ll die a thousand deaths. One liners. Bhai jan. Bhai jan. Bhai jan, Irfan. How did this happen? Ohhh God. Irfan…. Irfan…. How did this happen? Irfan…. I don’t see how you might get to Ayesha. In love, there are ways.

Because of your pig-headedness you’re going to lose Ayesha for good. If I cannot keep my promise, if I cannot reach her… then I’ll lose myself. – Not with violence. You can do that with love too. Why don’t you make him see reason? He might listen to you. Alright, I’ve lost. I’ve lost.

Come on. Ajay, you performed at my sister’s wedding, didn’t you? If you want to give Ayesha a Valentine’s Day gift… give her this. I’m paying you for your services. May Allah protect the ones who are loved. Lord, I pray to You; from You I seek. Your servant begs of You

5 years ago, I made a mistake. Forgive me. You have sent me another just like my brother. Preserve him and his love and give him success, Lord. Amen. Happy Idd. Happy Idd. Happy Idd. After years, I see a tranquillity on your face. Come, let’s go to a feast. – Not today

I’m going to make a gift to my little brother. Not today. We have always faced each other as adversaries. Today… as friends, let’s take on the foe. Ajay, we’re going to your wedding and we’ll pay them put. How dare he come in here? He isn’t getting anywhere near the wedding altar

I’m not here to stop you, I’m here to help you. No, don’t trust him. He doesn’t know what love means. Right. I never knew what love means. That’s why I lost my little brother. He too was a true romantic. He is a true lover too. Go.

No boss, we aren’t going to let him get to the wedding altar. Let him pass, he’s a true lover. This is my chance to recant. Go. – No boss. Junior… – Enough, boss. What he is makes no difference to me. Besides, it was your brother who died.

Not mine, nor was the mistake mine. It was your mistake I’ve underwritten a contract to kill the guy you want to save. Period I’ve been servile to you for long enough. The first to cast a stone will be your enemy. Go inside. What’s going on? Who are these men? Go. Go on brother.

No.. Enough I might do just about anything. Give me the gun. What are you doing? – I told you I don’t believe in arranged marriages I believe in love marriages. To keep my promise to the girl I love I might do just about anything. Stop.

You have always stabbed me from behind. I’m not giving you another chance. Come here. Begin reciting the hymns. Lord! Help me up on my feet or take my soul. Help me Lord. Man and wife, step forward. Boss. The wedding has been solemnised.

In time, I have met my challenge to you and the promise I made to her. What are you thinking about? Finish him off. This goon doesn’t deserve to be your son-in-law. Take the gun. Finish you. One minute Papa. He has escaped. I can’t take any chances now. Just kill him.

Just do my bidding and the power you’re servile to will be yours. Men like the Boss will work for you. Once my son is married, he will end up owning the Varma empire I’m going to make you rich! If he reaches the venue of the wedding… Nice joke. Let me have the tape.

Mr Varma! What kind of a joke is this? Give me a chance to explain. Chopra, about making someone out I might make one mistake, not two. You have showed up to be scum. And your son… is the outcome of bad upbringing. Unlike Ajay.

This is an auspicious moment. I’d rather not do something rash. You should get lost. – Look Mr Varma… Get out. My child… I always wished that the man you marry loves you more than I love you. Ajay kept his word and he defeated me. He has proved that he loves you immensely

I accept the match. Thank you brother. I ought to thank you. In you I have found my little brother. – And I have found a big brother. Ajay. I also have a tough father-in-law. Come on brother. Ajay, Mini would like to speak to you. Yes Mini? – Not fair. You got married.

And you didn’t even bother about me? Even I want to get married. But you’re still a baby. – When will my turn come? “I’ve given you my heart.” “I’ve given you my heart.” “What else have I done?” “I only gave you my heart.” “What else have I done?”

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