Ram Nagri | Daler Mehndi | Full Video with Lyrics | Most Beautiful Ram Bhajan | Shri Ram Bhajan 2024

Ram Nagri | Daler Mehndi | Full Video with Lyrics | Most Beautiful Ram Bhajan | Shri Ram Bhajan 2024 D Records

“Ram Nagri” is a spirited composition by the iconic Daler Mehndi, who has not only composed the music but also penned the lyrics. The song celebrates the auspicious journey to the divine birthplace of Lord Ram, resonating with the joyful proclamation, “Ram Nagri hum sab bhi jayenge.” With the enchanting vocals of Daler Mehndi, the composition captures the essence of devotion and cultural celebration.

As the music programmer, Raju Shankar, has woven a captivating melody, the verses reflect on the significance of the journey to Ram Nagri and the spiritual connection with Lord Ram.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aakash Jaitly at DM Folk Studio, the song beautifully combines traditional elements with contemporary musical arrangements. Each verse emphasizes the devotion to Lord Ram and the collective joy of singing “Jai Jai Shree Ram” as the devotees embark on their pilgrimage to Ram Nagri.

“Ram Nagri” not only serves as a musical ode to the divine city but also inspires a sense of unity, celebration, and reverence for Lord Ram. With its vibrant energy and heartfelt lyrics, the song invites everyone to join in the chorus of “Jai Jai Shree Ram” and rejoice in the journey to the sacred destination.

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Singer: ​​Daler Mehndi
Composed By: ​Daler Mehndi
Lyrics: ​​​Daler Mehndi, Rammi Pandey, Dada Pandey
Recorded at:​​ DM Folk Studio
Mixing & Mastering:​ Aakash Jaitly
Music Programmer – Raju Shankar
Copyright : ​​D Record International Pvt Ltd
Label : ​​​D Record International Pvt Ltd
Producer : ​​D Record International Pvt Ltd

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