Shri Radha Kripa Kataksh Stotra with Lyrics in Hindi & English – श्री राधा कृपा कटाक्ष स्तोत्र

Shri Radha Kripa Kataksh Stotra with Lyrics in Hindi & English – श्री राधा कृपा कटाक्ष स्तोत्र Madhavas Rock Band

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Song – Shri Radha Kripa Kataksh Stotra | Madhavas Rock Band
Lyrics – Lord Shiva
Singers – Nandrani Gopi Devi Dasi (Neha Sobti), Nav Kishore Nimai Das ( Nirdosh Sobti)
Composer – Nirdosh Sobti (Nav Kishore Nimai Das)
Arranged By – KRS Studios
Namabhakti Devi Dasi (Bass Guitar),
Guitar – Nilesh Narsayya Deshwani
Mridangam – Ravi Parmar
Keyboard – Nikhil Ramesh Singh (Gopi)
Band Mentor – Balaji Prasad Yeddula (Bhadra Govinda Das)
D.O.P/Color Grading – Braj Kishore Das (BKD)
Editor – Suraj
Asst Director – Nishant Jha (Nidra Vijay Das)
Costumes/Make-up – Nandrani Gopi Devi Dasi (Neha Sobti)

Verse 1
Oh You who are adored by all the best sages!
Oh You who takes away all the miseries of the three material worlds!
Oh You whose face joyfully blooms just like a lotus flower!
Oh You who delights in playing love-sports throughout the secret forest bower-houses!
Oh most charming daughter of Vrishabhanu, the best of kings!
Oh closest heart-felt companion of the son of the King of Vraja!
When, oh when will You make me the object of Your side-long glance of causeless mercy?

Verse 2
Oh You who are situated in a pavilion beneath a canopy of creepers spread over the branches of the blooming ashoka trees!
Oh You whose soft and delicate feet radiate with the pinkish glow of freshly sprouted coral-like tree-buds!
Oh You whose upraised hand bestows upon Your devotees the benediction of absolute fearlessness!
Oh fountainhead of profuse divine opulences!

Verse 3
Oh You who continuously subdues the Son of Nanda into complete surrender unto Yourself by piercing Him with the arrows of loving glances shot from the very corners of Your eyes—
Glances laden with amorous delusions which inspire Him with feelings of most reverential submission, further stimulated by Your crookedly-bending eyebrows that dance with the most auspicious sportive interest of the God of love!

Verse 4
Oh You whose form is fair-complexioned with the brilliant hue of lightning, pure gold, and champakaflowers!
Oh You whose facial splendor eclipses the aura of millions of autumn moons!
Oh You whose eyes restlessly move to and fro like the young chakora birds and thus make astonishing expressions from moment-to-moment!

Verse 5
Oh You who are madly intoxicated with Your own eternal youth!
Oh You who are decorated by the great delight of Your mood of jealous pouting!
Oh You who are dyed in pure loving affection for Your Beloved!
Oh You who are most expert in all the various arts of amorous loving expressions!
Oh You who are most learned in designing loving sports within the matchless opulent kingdom of glorious forest groves!

Verse 6
Oh You who are decorated by the diamond necklace of limitless feminine charms like amorous gestures, ecstatic moods, and gentle mannerisms!
Oh You whose breasts are plump like the purest golden water jugs, or like the cranial globes of a young elephant!
Oh You who are like the swelling ocean of happiness full of (not water, but) the soft pollen of Your most praise-worthy mild sweet smile!

Verse 7
Oh You whose creeper-like arms rhythmically wave and flow like fresh young lotus stems in the ripples of a river!
Oh You whose restless, roving glance of deep blue eyes dances seductively like vine-tips in the breeze!
Oh You whose playful frolics and alluring movements induce lovely meetings and fascinate Mohan [Krishna] Himself to take refuge in Your charm!

Verse 8
Oh You whose smooth conchshell-like neck, marked with three lines, is decorated with a pure golden necklace!
Oh You who shines in the splendorous auras of Your three-stranded necklace, woven with small jasmine garlands, and decorated with the three jewels diamond, emerald and pearl!
Oh You whose flowing deep blue-black locks are interwoven with bunches of colorful flower blossoms!

Verse 9
Oh You whose rounded hips are decorated by a belt of dangling flowers!
Oh You whose charmingly thin waist is decorated by groups of superexcellent tiny tinkling jewel-bells!
Oh You whose most beautiful thighs taper gracefully like the trunk of the king of elephants!

Verse 10
Oh You whose most captivating ankle bells are resounding various Vedic mantras as You walk, and which possess additional superexcellence in resembling the warbling of a flock of most noble swans!
Oh You whose pleasant bodily movements put to shame the swaying dance of golden forest creepers!

Verse 11
Oh You who is humbly bowed to by all the Lord Brahmas of countless millions of universes created by Lord Vishnu!
Oh You who is the bestower of boons to the daughter of the Himalayas (Parvati), to the daughter ofPuloma (Indra’s wife Saci), and to Brahma’s wife (Sarasvati)!
Oh You whose toenails glow with the radiance of boundless mystic perfections and opulent prosperities!
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